With escort requirements complete with the 20 March, the new destroyer produced a sound get in touch with whenever you are to Anzio

With escort requirements complete with the 20 March, the new destroyer produced a sound get in touch with whenever you are to Anzio

The very next day, twenty-two February, she escorted an effective convoy of container landing boats (LST) and you may infantry obtaining craft (LCI) to Naples following just after refueling, moved on to Palermo, Sicily, coming in into 23 March

Together solutions and degree completed, Madison cooked to help you Norfolk and you will registered the fresh new light cruiser Philadelphia (CL-41) along with her dated department-lover Hilary P. Jones en route on the Mediterranean, and you will assignment to TF 86. Coming to Oran, Algeria, with the 31 January 1944, she upcoming had underway for the step 1 February to run gunnery training. The very next day, 2 February, she joined Philadelphia and you will Hilary P. Jones to own a practice shore bombardment out of Arzew, Algeria, before she went on so you’re able to Algiers, Algeria. Brand new destroyer upcoming gone back to Oran for the 5 March where she moored next to Vulcan (AR-5) getting tender access that included fixes to the woman fundamental battery pack director. With that functions over, the fresh new boat up coming moved Commander DesDiv eight to help you Algiers to your 9 February.

On ten March 1944, Madison presented a lot more gunnery knowledge and the following day, 11 February, sailed having Naples, Italy, as part of TG 81.6. Madison visited this lady appeal for the 13 February and you will stayed around before the 16th whenever she managed to move on to Pozzuoli Bay, Italy. Kept there into 17 February, she transferred to Anzio getting anti-submarine patrolling. To the 19 February, she departed Anzio with Hilary P. She fell a couple of full patterns of depth charges that have negative overall performance. She next gone back to the girl examination requirements of Anzio for the 21 March. Into the 22-23 March 1944, Madison offered anti-submarine patrolling and you can anti-aircraft defense to have Allied boats anchored on Anzio next went on so you can Naples in which she anchored prior to moving forward so you’re able to Castellammare Bay, Italy for the twenty-four February. She then returned to Anzio to help you screen the latest Allied boats here (26-twenty-eight February) in advance of thinking of moving Naples.

Jones so you can companion Philadelphia

On the 2 March 1944, the fresh new destroyer gone to live in Capri in which she remained until she managed to move on back into an anchorage on the bay at the Naples for the cuatro February. The next day, 5 March, she returned to Anzio, followed by Livermore (DD-429), so you can once again display screen the newest Allied shipments indeed there up until 10 March when she gone back to Naples. This new destroyer used screening obligation in the Anzio with the 15 March. Towards 17 February, the fresh destroyer expended eleven breadth charges for the a sound contact experienced to get a good submarine. Other destroyers joined about attack, but discover no confirmation of every results. Brand new search for an adversary submarine went on the next day, but discover zero contact. Into the 19 March, whenever you are nonetheless involved with assessment surgery, Madison signed during the fast having an effective radar contact considered be a challenger E-vessel. The destroyer quit this new chase whenever she reached a beneficial minefield. The very next day, 20 February, she once more provided pursue to a beneficial radar get in touch with considered intense. When you are she discharged the lady 5-inch battery packs, she destroyed contact. On 21 March, she went on in order to carry out anti-submarine and you may anti-E-vessel patrolling regarding Anzio immediately after which transferred to new Isla di Ponza urban area with the Uk destroyer HMS Urchin (R.99) so you can carry out a keen anti-submarine brush. Madison had underway getting a return to Anzio towards the twenty five February and in case she arrived towards the 26 March, brand new destroyer went on their anti-submarine and you will anti-E-ship patrolling. She continued to patrol until 29 March, when she proceeded in order to Naples and you can secured regarding the bay.

She remained here up to step 3 April 1944 when she had underway which have Livermore getting Anzio. Coming in in the evening, she transferred to the new Tiber River to research a facial skin radar contact. The very next day, 4 April, Madison and Livermore continued in order to patrol regarding Anzio ahead of back into Naples to anchor throughout the bay. The 2 destroyers departed Naples towards the six April, escorting storeship Polaris (AF-11) so you’re able to Palermo. Just after 24 hours in the Palermo, the three boats departed in the evening out-of 8 April durante approach to Bizerte, Tunisia, and turned up towards 9 April. Then they departed on ten April, en route to Oran in which it showed up and moored at the Mers-el-Kebir, Algeria into the age big date, Madison got started and you can rendezvoused which have Philadelphia, MacKenzie (DD-614), and you will Kendrick (DD-612) to participate a coast bombardment take action, abreast of completion at which she gone back to Mers-el-Kebir to undergo a tender accessibility alongside Vulcan up until 21 April. She had underway on the twenty-two April including Livermore, HMS Usk (K.295) while the Shine destroyer Garland escorting this new sixteen ships of UGS-38 off Oran to help you Naples. On the way, Madison presented sample capturing from the girl recently hung 20- and you may 40-millimeter firearms. New convoy anchored within Naples for the twenty six April. Later one to time Madison departed likely to own Algiers, arriving for the 27 April. Moored during the Algiers to your twenty eight April, the brand new destroyer embarked new 238 survivors regarding Lansdale, that were sunk by the an aerial torpedo in german episodes to your UGS-38 7 days in advance of, and you can transmitted these to Mers-el-Kebir, disembarking them immediately following coming in afterwards you to definitely time.

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