How Do I Know a User is Fake on AFF?

How Do I Know a User is Fake on AFF?

At Adult Friend Finder, we make sure to verify each user’s email and contact information to avoid any fake IDs.

Through this verification, if a user is ever found violating any of the community guidelines of the Adult Friend Finder app, our moderation staff make it a point to trace the user that is creating any issues.

Is The Adult Friend Finder App Free?

Users often wonder ‘is Adult Friend Finder legit?” and “does adult friend finder work for free?” Well, according to PR Newswire yes it does. While we do have certain Premium plans that grant you access to certain features available only within the premium plan – the free plan is no less.

At AFF, you can make an account for no cost at all and can even browse other user’s profiles with various filters while also joining different groups or blog sessions.

How Can I Find Others on Adult Friend Finder com?

We, at Adult Friend Finder, offer our users many search filtering options and accelerated search parameters that will make it easy for you to find pretty much anyone on the platform.

So, let your search for the perfect match begin – head over to the hookup app Louisville “Search” bar on the home page. Type in your preference, it could be a name, a location, or certain criteria.

How to Contact Other Users?

If you ever feel like messaging another user from the adult friend finder app, you can easily do so by heading over to the user’s profile, scroll down a little, and click on the message that says “Send user an email.”

Once you click that, you can email the user and begin your conversation. However, if you are a premium user, you can even message them within the app.

How to Turn off Auto-Renewal within AFF?

When you select the premium plan for AFF, you enter your card details which allow us to deduct the membership amount automatically every month on the given date.

However, if you are looking to close down automatic charges, you can also go to the Billing History and Credit Card Info section to switch off automatic renewals.

You can find this section in the My Account tab below the main menu on the home page of Adult Friend Finder. Once you press ‘Off’, you will have had canceled your upgraded premium subscription.

What If I Do Not Remember My Username or Password?

In the event that you ever forget your password or username, it is okay – we let you just as easily create a fresh set of either. Since we make sure to get your email before signing up, you will simply be given a link on your email to reset your credentials which can then be followed to generate a fresh one.

The Bottom Line

Unlike most dating apps, Adult Friend Finder is free of any ambiguity. You do not have to worry about explicitly laying out your expectations, as everyone out here is looking for the same thing.

The Adult Friend Finder app and website boldly advertises and works in favor of people looking for everything except for a serious relationship. However, given the nature of the platform, you may find yourself in a tough spot. This is because it is natural to expect to filter from a massive chunk of people to get to the one you can click with.

Fortunately, AdultFriendFinder com has a way of tackling this slight issue as well. It offers many different options to help you quickly find the herd with the same mindsets and interests. This way, you can avoid dealing with or compromising on unnecessary turn-offs.

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