Regardless of if initially not as close with each other, Jugyeong and you will Gowoon became prompt family relations

Regardless of if initially not as close with each other, Jugyeong and you will Gowoon became prompt family relations

They found just like the fellow colleagues functioning at the same regional simpler store. Gowoon is actually the only one just who helped Jugyeong when she are writing about problematic users. Shortly after Jugyeong heard Gowoon singing in school, she confronted her about any of it. Gowoon acknowledge you to she got landed a lead role from the school music. She told me the fresh new hate she got out-of envious class mates if you are the lead even in the event she was not stunning, being unsure of you to definitely Jugyeong directly about the challenge. Jugyeong, stung of the their schoolmates’ misperception regarding Gowoon’s charm, available to assist do Gowoon’s cosmetics towards performance. The newest makeover invited Gowoon to stand on-stage with certainty. Their efficiency made Gowoon famous towards SNS, generating her the moniker “this new Solitary Eyelid Goddess of Saebom Highest.” Driven because of the Jugyeong’s transformation event, Gowoon learned how to carry out makeup out-of the lady.

Sujin Kang

Jugyeong fulfilled Sujin at college or university cafeteria someday when she affect collided towards the the girl, unaware one to Sujin had staged the new event. A short while after, Sujin extra their towards the social media. Sua discussed Sujin given that a treatment seeker to own usually post complete-system selfies towards the social network that show regarding the girl profile into the individuals clothing unfit for an individual of this lady young age to put on. Unaware one to Sujin grabbed advantageous asset of their growing relationship, Jugyeong refuted new issue.

In an effort to keep Jugyeong and you may Suho apart, Sujin set Jugyeong up on a good blind big date having Woohyeon, a womanizer and you can cheater. Jugyeong, unsuspecting, began to be seduced by Woohyeon’s handsome looks and you can attraction and you may decided to become their “partner.” The plan unsuccessful when Suho trapped Woohyeon on the a date that have other girl, possibly an unsuspecting that for example Jugyeong.

A while afterwards, Jugyeong and you can Sujin fulfilled at a cafe, in which they ran toward some of Sujin’s ex boyfriend-family unit members. Regarding the restaurant restroom, Jugyeong heard girls badmouthing Sujin at the rear of this lady right back. One big date, Sujin finished the fresh new hangout very early and you may on course household as opposed to a description. Next time Jugyeong spotted Sujin, Sujin got achieved an evident number of pounds. Jugyeong overheard fellow children criticizing exactly how ugly Sujin has been around since, and questioned why neighborhood focused plenty with the styles. A couple weeks later, Sujin requested Jugyeong to hang aside however, terminated last second.

Two years later on shortly after graduating high school, Sujin turned into a social media influencer for example Jugyeong. She proceeded to create images that monitor the lady shape. She and Jugyeong have forfeit contact.

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Jinsu and you will Jugyeong express a course together with her and are usually on same significant. They made a decision to collaborate on the a group speech. Just after getting securely acquainted, Jinsu confided inside her their intends to earn a great girl’s cardiovascular system and you will asked for this lady let. [1] She aided him prefer an outfit to wear to an event. Even after the woman operate, Jinsu failed to desire any women attract during the get together. Insights their battles of living with were unsuccessful beauty when you look at the society, Jugyeong chose to get more tall tips in helping your away. She grabbed your in order to a salon to get his tresses safely themed and you can colored [2] , produced him in order to Pilsoo to obtain dresses you to ideal their system [3] , finally put the girl cosmetics skills to alter their face. [4]

Aiden Kim

Jugyeong basic met Aiden whenever she visited ST Recreation to fill out as the a short-term make-up singer. Because she performed his cosmetics having his introduction character, she is overrun because of the his an excessive amount of warmth and you will bubbly character. Immediately following finding that they certainly were of the identical decades and therefore Jugyeong went to an identical college or university because Seojun, Aiden requested to exchange amounts and stay friends. [5] The following day, Aiden decided to go to Saebom Higher to ask Jugyeong to help you restaurants. Seeing as Jugyeong are that have Suho, Aiden greeting him ahead together. The guy asserted that his pal would register too. Within bistro, the guy gladly aided Jugyeong with her dining, crossing public limits together with romantic distance and you may causing the lady problems. Shortly after Suho intervened, Aiden apologized. [6] [7]

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