Jaehee is disturb observe that gift try a coffee grinder and does not want to accept it

Jaehee is disturb observe that gift try a coffee grinder and does not want to accept it

2 years later on, the player are helping Jumin prepare for a meeting but is nonetheless always making errors

  • Get Jaehee’s station inside Informal Tale on the initially Go out so you can the latest last Date.
  • Choose the selection that prioritize looking for Zen over Jaehee’s relationship.
  • See 707’s facts form following the speak room “Going to Zen” that occurs in the / 7:09 PM with the 6th Date, with this new cam place “Very personal check out” that occurs in the / 9:several PM.

Crappy Facts Ending 2 Conclusion : In a chat room, Zen notes the change in Jaehee to the player and blames it on Jumin. However, the player remains unsympathetic and believes that personal feelings must be separated from work.

Whenever Jaehee meets that have Jumin in the their penthouse to set up for the fresh new speech, Jumin sees one Jaehee hasn’t been taking good care of herself. Out of the blue, she collapses off weakness that will be hurried for the health. People rushes to the hospital apart from the ball player, who’s requested to keep on flat by 7.

Within hospital, Jaehee have a nightmare from the V. She needs Zen, however when she involves, she discovers Jumin and you can Yoosung. Jumin tells the girl you to definitely she needs to start dinner, sleep, and you may exercise securely, with his team commonly service their up until she productivity. Worn out, Jaehee rather resigns, declaring by herself because “damaged.” Jumin allows this lady decision, when you’re however allowing their company to support their until this woman is healthy once more.

As he simply leaves, Yoosung begs the girl to help you reconsider that thought and you can asks if the she’ll however get in the brand new RFA. Jaehee establishes you to this woman is delivering a rest, given that she dont sit-in the fresh group in her latest status. She desires Yoosung to help you exchange the content towards the player, and also asks him to inform their to not worry, as she’s going to go back. As he leaves so you’re able to cell phone the gamer, Jaehee starts to feel relieved she don’t must care and attention any longer.

  1. Obtain Jaehee’s route into the Casual Facts from the very first Go out to help you the fresh new 4th Day.
  2. Effectively sidestep the game part from the obtaining the chatroom “So you can Zen’s lay” within / 9:00 PM towards sixth Date.
  3. From the video game department beforehand, purchase the solutions that would push Jaehee to be effective harder since a receptionist and you may won’t service the lady starting an eatery.
  4. Obtain a fundamental tale form following the talk room “Possibilities” that happens during the / 5:56 PM into the 8th Big date, followed closely by the fresh new cam space “Jaehee are unable to performs such as for instance a beneficial” that takes place filipinocupid within / 6:53 PM.

Bad Facts End step 3 Conclusion¬†: After Jumin steals one of Seven’s cars, Jaehee logs into the messenger, concerned. While Jumin is disappointed that Elizabeth 3rd didn’t become the mascot of the cat hotel, he declares that he has found a new assistant to fill Jaehee’s position: the player. He asks the player to come to CR International for an interview. Surprised, the player is excited. On the other hand, Jaehee vehemently refuses and tries to convince the player to change her mind, not wanting her to be subjected under the same treatment she suffered under Jumin. Since the player is not swayed, Jaehee gives up and agrees to help train her. The player goes over to the CR International building for the interview and Jumin gives her the contract, all the while promising her that he will not make her regret her decision.

Zen visits Jaehee at the job on the 8th Day to give the woman a thank you so much gift to take proper care of him

Jumin was enraged and you will reprimands her, intimidating to keep their in the meeting room in the event that she messes upwards an important bargain. He thinks that Jaehee had been a more effective assistant however, chooses to hold the member because of the their front side given that he opinions the girl commitment so much more even after are upset during the this lady inability to do the best out-of something. Patiently, the guy shows the woman tips wrap a good necktie as they leave toward meeting.

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